Scary Maze Game Review

The return man 3 Game has been featured all over Youtube and various other sites as both a fun game and a great prank to pull on someone. What seems like a simple, almost laughably so, game where players move through a maze ramps up quickly, leaving players shaking from the sudden jumps and harsh frights that leap out of nowhere. The 21st century equivalent of an amusement park haunted house, the Scary Maze Game is a lot of fun if you know what’s coming, but more fun if you don’t.

Gameplay Mechanics

cubefield game

The 2048 cupcakes Game uses mechanics of a by-gone age of video gaming. Players are represented by a small dot at the beginning of the maze. Using the mouse, players have to move the dot through the maze without touching the sides. If players touch the sides they shoot back to the previous level, or even back to the beginning of the game in some versions. So what’s required is a steady hand and a good mouse for players to get through the mazes and keep progressing through the game.

If that was all, then game would be the simplest thing in the world to win. It wouldn’t be very fun though. That’s where the scary part comes in. As players progress through the various levels, the mazes become narrower and trickier to navigate. This, of course, requires players to watch more carefully, move more slowly and to make sure they don’t so much as twitch out of line. That’s when the game pulls out the scary trick to make players jump.

What’s so Scary?

run 3 game

Players are urged to turn up the volume before beginning the run 3 game. Audio shocks are one of the most common tricks, whether it’s sudden sirens or bloodcurdling screams, it’s meant to make players jump. When players jump of course their hands slip and the dot goes careening into the wall, game over, start again. For players that get past the first initial barrages of jumps and scares though, there are often distracting images that flash up. Different games go to different levels, whereas some are cheesy and others are downright grotesque. It depends on which one of the Tunnel Rush Game versions a player has gotten his or her hands on.

Tips and Tricks

The easiest way to get through the Duck Life 4 Game is to make sure that players have steady hands and a responsive Internet connection so that nothing lags. If players have that, then the next best way to get ahead is to turn the volume down. This will exclude players from the thrill of the scare, the whole reason they play the Scary Maze Game in the first place, but it will also make sure that at least half of what might make them jump is rendered a moot point. It might be cheating, but it is an effective method of getting ahead without twitching.

Play The Game For Free

Lots of websites might promise the Scary Maze Game, but some might ask for a cover charge to play. Here we offer only the game, and the opportunity to play it. All players need here is a good Internet connection and a steady set of hands. Play the cubefield Game and spread the word!